AOC E970SWHEN 18.5" HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor"




The AOC E970SWHEN is an 18.5" HD LED backlit computer monitor that provides clear and detailed images. It has a compact design and is suitable for use in both home and office settings. The monitor has a high-definition resolution of 1366x768 pixels and a wide viewing angle, making it easy to see from various positions. It is also energy efficient and has a low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The monitor has a VGA input for connecting to your computer or other devices. Overall, the AOC E970SWHEN is a reliable and affordable choice for those in need of a basic monitor.


Here are the specifications for the AOC E970SWHEN monitor:

  • Display: 18.5" HD LED backlit
  • Resolution: 1366x768 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Viewing angles: 90° horizontal, 50° vertical
  • Inputs: VGA
  • Power consumption: 14W (typical), 0.5W (standby)
  • Dimensions: 16.4" x 6.5" x 14.4" (with stand)
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (with stand)


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