TT Versa J22: The Ultimate Mid-Tower PC Case with Tempered Glass Panel




The TT Versa J22 Tempered Glass Edition is the ultimate mid-tower PC case for gamers and enthusiasts. With its sleek and modern design, this case is sure to make a statement in any setup. The main feature of this edition is the inclusion of a tempered glass panel, which allows for easy viewing of your components, and adds a touch of style to your build. The case is also designed with cable management in mind, featuring a spacious layout and multiple cable routing options to keep your build looking clean and organized. Additionally, the case is equipped with ample room for storage and cooling, supporting up to 7 fans and multiple radiators. The case also supports up to ATX motherboard and full-length graphics card, providing enough space for high-end components. Overall, the TT Versa J22 Tempered Glass Edition is the perfect choice for anyone looking to build a powerful and stylish PC.


  • 9H hardness rating for superior scratch resistance
  • 0.33mm thickness for a sleek, lightweight design
  • 100% transparency for an optimal viewing experience
  • 2.5D curved edges for a smooth, seamless look


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